Sourcing Expertise for Client Results in High Volume Trade with Walmart


One of our U.S. clients in the hosiery industry approached us with a dilemma. They had secured a huge order from Walmart, and found themselves in need of finding an appropriate overseas partner to produce some of the goods.

They turned to Crane and Associates.

Through our network of associates we quickly located two possible, good-fit candidates and arranged for samples to be prepared. We accompanied our client overseas to meet with the candidates and to inspect the samples, factories, and business cultures of the individual manufacturers. Our client was pleased with both candidates to the extent that both were awarded contracts for continuous production.

As proof of our versatility, our involvement did not end there. These two manufacturers in turn requested and retained Crane & Associates as their exclusive U.S. sales agent, since both were newcomers to the U.S. market. By working closely with our client, and then with its two new suppliers, we made it easy for them to do business together.

…and the best part?

Crane & Associates generated trade in excess of $8.6 million with Walmart Stores, Inc. for these two non- U.S. manufacturers. This case is proof of our expertise and multi-dimensional industry knowledge. We have solid experience from both sides of
international trade.