Crane & Associates’ Seminar Leads Company to Trade Success


IGEME is the Export Promotion Center of Turkey. IGEME retained the services of Crane & Associates to conduct a seminar on “Entering the U.S. Market” for the business community in the city of Istanbul.

“Entering the U.S. Market” is one of many diverse seminars on international trade development that we have offered over the years, for entities such as the Mediterranean Exporters Unions, Council for International Visitors of Charlotte, NC, business forums at Duke University, Durham, NC, and the American Textile Machinery Association to name a few.

Our information-dense seminars cover such areas as,

USA Market Statistics
Market Entry Strategy
Self Assessment
Market Research
Marketing Plan
Most Common Mistakes of Exporters
USA Export Marketing Tips
Personal Observations

In the case of IGEME, our seminar produced much interest to the point C & A was approached by distinguished members of the audience. One of these companies had a ready-to-export product and interest in the U.S. market. They asked to retain our services. With our investigative research, we ascertained that their product had an existing U.S. market. We provided in-depth trade support and, within a few months of our initial meeting, our client successfully started shipping its goods to the U.S. market.