Case Studies

Here is how our expertise strategically benefits our clients and customers

Research, Trade and Marketing Support for a Non-U.S. Manufacturer Leads to Large Volume Trade with Kmart


A Turkish apparel manufacturer with successful market presence in Europe approached Crane & Associates for assistance in entering the U.S. market. With neither U.S. trade experience nor knowledge of the market, the manufacturer was overwhelmed by international regulations, logistics and the apparent opaqueness of the U.S. markets access process.

We sat down with them in a few rounds of interviews to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to have an understanding of their product. Next, we provided them with our customized market research where we solidly determined that their product did indeed have a market in the U.S.

We then formulated and implemented a market entry strategy that proved to be extremely successful. Within the space of a few months, and well positioned for international trade, our client began shipping their goods to be sold in Kmart chain-stores throughout the U.S.

To date, Crane & Associates has generated over $2.7 million in sales of goods to Kmart.

Sourcing and Logistical Support for Nissho Iwai

nisshoNissho Iwai (now Soljitz), one of the largest trading companies in Japan, presented Crane & Associates with a unique business challenge.

Nissho was engaged in the financing and construction of a world class, turn-key medical center in southern Turkey. The project required Nissho to also provide and install state-of-the-art medical equipment. Some of the necessary equipment was determined to be produced in the U.S. Nissho soon realized it did not have the in-house resources to arrange and manage such acquisitions. They required U.S. based help.

Nissho turned to Crane & Associates.

Crane & Associates located manufacturers, negotiated pricing and delivery times and handled purchasing and logistics. We then sent our U.S. based personnel to the site to monitor the safe arrival, delivery, proper assembly, and complete installation of the medical equipment … all in time for the successful inauguration of this prominent, international medical facility in southern Turkey!

We helped our client overcome a complicated challenge, and Nissho was able to complete the project with its legendary efficiency.

Investigative Research for Springs Industries

springsGlobal_logo Springs Industries (now Springs Global) is a leading-edge, international textiles group. Its North American headquarters is in Fort Mill, SC., which is the original home to two world class Springs brands: Springmaid and Wamsutta. Springs was continually being approached by other firms interested in collaborating on new products and markets. However, none was as aggressive as one prominent foreign textiles manufacturer. Springs, in spite of their international fame had no working knowledge about this prominent potential partner.

Springs turned to Crane & Associates.

We provided Springs with our proprietary investigative research and advised Springs about the prospective partner’s financial foundation, customer and vendor relations, branding initiatives, employee morale and turnover, and its global strategy.

With solid facts for ammunition, Springs was able make an informed decision about a potential joint venture with this manufacturer.

This is one of Crane & Associates’ clearest examples on how we help facilitate mission-critical decisions.

Sourcing Expertise for Client Results in High Volume Trade with Walmart

One of our U.S. clients in the hosiery industry approached us with a dilemma. They had secured a huge order from Walmart, and found themselves in need of finding an appropriate
overseas partner to produce some of the goods.

They turned to Crane and Associates.

Through our network of associates we quickly located two possible, good-fit candidates and arranged for samples to be prepared. We accompanied our client overseas to meet with the candidates and to inspect the samples, factories, and business cultures of the individual manufacturers. Our client was pleased with both candidates to the extent that both were awarded contracts for continuous production.

As proof of our versatility, our involvement did not end there. These two manufacturers in turn requested and retained Crane & Associates as their exclusive U.S. sales agent, since both were newcomers to the U.S. market. By working closely with our client, and then with its two new suppliers, we made it easy for them to do business together.

…and the best part?

Crane & Associates generated trade in excess of $8.6 million with Walmart Stores, Inc. for these two non- U.S. manufacturers. This case is proof of our expertise and multi-dimensional industry knowledge. We have solid experience from both sides of
international trade.

Crane & Associates’ Seminar Leads Company to Trade Success

IGEME is the Export Promotion Center of Turkey. IGEME retained the services of Crane & Associates to conduct a seminar on “Entering the U.S. Market” for the business community in the city of Istanbul.

“Entering the U.S. Market” is one of many diverse seminars on international trade development that we have offered over the years, for entities such as the Mediterranean Exporters Unions, Council for International Visitors of Charlotte, NC, business forums at Duke University, Durham, NC, and the American Textile Machinery Association to name a few.

Our information-dense seminars cover such areas as:


USA Market Statistics
Market Entry Strategy
Self Assessment
Market Research
Marketing Plan
Most Common Mistakes of Exporters
USA Export Marketing Tips
Personal Observations

In the case of IGEME, our seminar produced much interest to the point C & A was approached by distinguished members of the audience. One of these companies had a ready-to-export product and interest in the U.S. market. They asked to retain our services. With our investigative research, we ascertained that their product had an existing U.S. market. We provided in-depth trade support and, within a few months of our initial meeting, our client successfully started shipping its goods to the U.S. market.