Crane & Associates, your international trade partner, offers 15+ years of experience supporting manufacturers worldwide in making informed decisions and successfully selling products in new markets.

Our global business expertise navigates manufacturers through complex regulations, languages and cultures to successfully trade their products in overseas markets. We are as flexible as your situation demands. Services can be contracted on a one time a la carte basis or we can act as your turnkey export department.

Our services include:

  • International market research
  • Negotiate profitable agreements on your behalf
  • Provide international management
  • Arrange international logistics and shipping
  • Identify, investigate, analyze and recommend potential distributors, agents, joint venture or investment partners
  • Solve communication, shipping and collection problems
  • Assist with banking, insurance and trade finance issues
  • Facilitate seminars and executive training on developing export markets.
  • Represent your company at conferences, seminars, trade missions and exhibitions